pens we like

4-Color ballpoint from Bic

four pens in one. red, black, blue, and green. this was the pen to have in 4th grade. not that 9 year olds need a four color pen. but it was the talk of the classroom until it was stolen. “hey, where is MY pen??!” I figured that my teacher took it for herself when all of us were at recess. not that she would so dumb as use it in the classroom. this would give her away instead of the girl we all suspected. but FOUR colors would make a handy thing to have when grading tests. you would not always have to write in soul crushing red. writing “GOOD!” in green would be so much happier. I never did see green ink on a test to prove my idea of who took it. I know she took it.

aside from the availability of four different colors at a spin and a click this pen also has another valuable feature. click to out a color. press half way on another color to release. repeat. see? it has a high fidget factor! it also aids in writing a word alternating each letter in a different color without making yourself mad. take the top off and you can draw (or write) in all four colors at the same time. this pen will enthrall your inner 9 year old for days.

the Bic Four Color comes in business colors (RED, BLUE BLACK and GREEN) and in fun colors (pink, purple, green and light blue). both versions have a handy hole on the top so you can tie it securely to your desk or notebook to keep it out of the hands of that thieving teacher.