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Art Snakes box for July

it’s here. the Art Snakes, err Art Snacks box for July. just in time for drawing. inside is three pencils, a hated brush pen, and boss sharpener. the pencils are colored. and other pencil is a labeled for “graphic drawing.” oh my. what are we going to draw with that? graphic as in the horror of food eating food. or something more along the lines of [use your imagination here].

the brush pen is Japanese. it has two ends. one has a tiny brush. the other has a normal size brush. we still hate brush pens. but only from lack of experience making them make. the ink is water based. meaning it will run away when water is added. this can make a cool effect. so we’ll draw with it until we hate it less.

the last item in the box is a sharpener. it has a big eraser on it. the orange plastic kind of glows in the sun. making us want to draw outside. okay. doing that soon.