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Art Snakes err ArtSnacks

JiNK (aka June + Ink) is a Beatles week away. get an ArtSnakes box. order one today so you get it in time for JiNK the 1st. ArtSnakes also has the Inktober box in stock. although it is kind of a lot more money. so use a quarter of that budget to by a one month subscription.

arts snakes. err, Art Snacks. the logo of a twisted pencil reminds me of a snake.


this is a monthly surprise of drawing stuff. inside what should become a repurposed pencil box are tools to make art. and I am mixed about whether I like this service or not. certainly I could use the cost of the box on funding my own fancy of pens, pencils, paint, or brushes. I like the idea of walking into an art store with the idea of spending $25 with abandon. but do I do this? nope. this makes reckless in a box curated by the equivalent of a DJ the next best thing.

sign up today, it’s not too late:

the inktober collection: