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Bic Cristal

maybe the BicĀ Cristal is the better pen compared the Round Stic? maybe. it comes in colors besides Blue, Black and horrifying Red. Purple, Pink, Green and Light Blue are at you calling for drawing smogberry plants. the Cristal has a wonderful history. the pen changed writing by displacing the fountain pen. it was a cheaper, less messy, and potentially longer lasting writing device. and it did not require the writer to mess with ink. you just used it until it was done or lost then you got another pen. the barrel is shaped like a pencil. meaning it will not roll away. and it feels familiar when you are writing making a transition to pen that much easier. 5o years ago the Cristal sold for just .29 cents. which is about the same price they sell for today. while there are better pens available you cannot go wrong with the Cristal for writing whatever on whatever.

spectacular for good enough.

it is pretty