daily kick

we know all about what it takes to create art. sometimes what you need is a reminder to make. a kick in the head. a push on the shoulder. a nudge to go. and we are more that happy to do that for you. but you have to subscribe by giving up your email address to the robot. and it will take care of the rest. okay? cool.

you can expect to see your cue (aka a kick) once a day. although it might not be the same time. it might be in the morning one day. and then the next sometime¬†after lunch. ¬†we cannot control the when as much as we would like to. not sorry about that. it’s art, you know.

oh yeah. we promise not to give you up to anyone else. no, there are no crossed fingers behind our back. we might tell you about something cool. like a pen or a notebook or a brush along with a way to buy one.

good with all of that? now, give it up for the robot. do it!

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