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June Art Snacks box

my mixed feeling subscription to art stuff is here. the new art snakes, err, Art Snacks arrived. nifty. inside is a tiny sketch book and 6 art makers. a paint pen which instantly reminds me that “all your base are belong to us.” three dual ended pens. one side is a hated brush opposited by a more normal side. not my choice of colors. but it is summer time. meaning somebody had June on their mind when then picked these three. and there are two “chalk” pencils from General’s, a US of A company that has been making pencils for around a 1oo years.
also in the box is a sticker, a round of gum, and a card that describes it all. fun.
about Art Snakes, err Snacks
a video about General Pencil
and a bunch of how-to videos that GP made: