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Sakura Pigma Micron


referred to as Sakura. or Pigma. and sometimes Micron. none of these are wrong considering it has like three names. nobody is going to bash out all three when talking about a pen.

is Pigma boring because the barrel is clad in beige? we think the point is the ink it uses not that the barrel is supposed to inspire something. it does have a nice black end that holds the cap in place. and there is a clip that really does on that cap. you could make somebody mad by changing the cap with all other pen caps. you know to mix up the 3 as an 8 etc. but the number is on the barrel. which makes the potential of the joke less funny. I guess you could make lens and short by width to get what is what back to normal. good luck. oh yeah, these are pretty good considering you get the whole set for 1o bucks. and you can get them in colors.

.5mm .45 .4 .3 .35 .25 .2 brush and graphic