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Staedtler Pigment Liner

I was about to board a cruise ship for 10 days of exploration. for some odd reason there was a metal detector and agents eying all the passengers about to set sail. as usual I was singled out for a better inspection. I’d had left my weapons at home. you cannot travel with a multitool, screw driver, or a useful blade anymore. my bag was full of cameras and other tech. but what got the guards attention was my pens. these got all kinds of scrutiny. and I was asked, “these are pens?” “yes. I will demonstrate.” so I drew with each one. finally I offered the pen to her. and she drew a line. satisfied that the Staedler set was really what they appeared to be I was free to get on the ship.

oh those Germans. leave it to them to make a pen in unremarkable Gray with Black accents. the fine liners come in a handy case to keep in things in order. you have to like that. none of this clutter about the desk looking for the 2 amounts all the pencils. it will be right there. in the order you put them. like in order from little to big. or big to little. maybe you will put the most used on the ends forcing the fatty into the middle. it really is up to you on the correct order of pen.

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